I Choose to live my Life with Memories rather Regrets

It’s been more than a year, I have been wandering after quitting my job. Thanks to the Travel bug that bit me. I found life in the sun peeking out of the clouds in the morning, walking barefoot in nature, watching the pristine waves sitting on a seashore and a bath in the majestic waterfall. Travelling on a local bus window seat to diving underwater, Trekking through dangerous caves to riding along misty hills, tasting the authentic Kerala meals to trying out the spicy Saoji cuisines of Nagpur a year-long journey continues.

Scuba Diving , Tap the image to Know more

It all started when I was young. Being an Air Force Brat I was fortunate enough to travel around with my family . Every 3 years my Dad get transferred to a new location and I was introduced to a new world to explore. To be exact, I studied in 5 schools, in 5 different states of India. Maybe that had lit a flame of a traveller in me.

Down the line after my Graduation, I was placed in an MNC in Goa.

Yes, GOA !! What else a Travel freak like me can ask for.

Working there, I realized that it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not a kind of guy who could settle in a 9-5 job constrained in a cubicle space.

After a long and tiring debate with myself, I finally decided to follow my heart. I quit my job and decided to travel and follow my passion for film-making.


On February 2017, I bid adieu to my colleagues. It was bit difficult in the beginning, but definitely a soul-satisfying one.

To Travel, Explore and discover this Beautiful land and to share my experience with my fellow earthlings.

That’s how I started this Journey.

Since travelling was my mainstream I decided to move to a new city. Travel around that city, work there and when I’ve explored enough in that place, I switch to some other place. Work there to manage my finances, travel and explore around, taste new cuisines and fill my bucket of experiences. 

Vegator Beach, Goa

I found YouTube as one of the best places to showcase my talent. On Feb 2017, I created a Youtube Channel ” Tech Know Travel “.

And till date I’m travelling around the country, exploring new places, culture, food, stories and capturing it into my camera and showcasing it to the world.

This has been a journey where I found places, experiences and Most Importantly – Myself.

Here is a zest of my journey of the year 2017 in a short 3 Minutes Video. Hope you will Like it

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